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29 Nov Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies

La revista Early Modern Cultural Studies (perteneciente a la Universidad de Pennsylvania) va a publicar un número especial sobre las ciudades islámicas a principios de la Edad Moderna, que estará editado por Kaya Sahin y Babak Rahimi. Por ello han lanzado un llamamiento para contribuciones.

Las personas interesadas en publicar un artículo en esta revista, deberán enviar antes del 30 de diciembre de 2016 un Curriculum Vitae abreviado y un abstract de 500 palabras que resuma el trabajo que se quiere presentar a las siguientes direcciones de correo electrónico: y indicando en el asunto “JEMCS Special Issue Abstract Submission”.


Special Issue Title: Early Modern Islamic Cities

Issue editors: Kaya Sahin and Babak Rahimi


Abstract Deadline: December 30, 2016

The Journal of Early Modern Cultural Studies seeks submissions


Conceptions of the city, and of the complex socio-cultural practices embodied in cities, have been at the forefront of historical inquiry. More recently, scholars of the early modern period emphasized the significance of cities during the heyday of the European dynastic states/empires and the European expansion. From this perspective, early modern European cities have been granted a significant role in the midst of the new commercial and political networks that spanned the globe, and within the socio-spatial complexes that emerged across the Atlantic and beyond. The European cities therefore occupy a central place in narratives on how western European societies produced new and unique urban experiences. On the other hand, these findings about European cities have been utilized quite often in order to privilege the European experiences, and use those as criteria while evaluating urban cultures in other parts of the world

In this special issue our aim is bring together innovative and scholarly essays investigating the notion of alternative early modern urban experiences, with a focus on Islamic cities across the globe. We invite contributors to rethink both the paradigm of the “Islamic city,” and the notion of the uniqueness of the European city, by focusing on everyday cultures generated by strategies of governance, institutions, (mis)rules, ethnicity, race, gender, class, religious differences, and regional/global economic networks. Seen from this perspective, the special issue will underscore the everyday publics, civilities, sociabilities, feelings, rituals and other life-experiences.

With the aim to open up dialogue between scholars of the early modern period, and urban and Islamic studies, this special issue is inherently interdisciplinary and theoretical in scope. It aims for a broad coverage of a diverse array of Islamic cities and related topics in the early modern period, from the late fifteenth to the late eighteenth centuries. In keeping with the mission of the journal, we also solicit proposals that are comparative and/or transcultural. Moreover, we encourage papers from a range of disciplines such as art, history, literature, music, performance and religious studies, gender, medicine, science or others. Regardless of foci, we seek approaches that investigate formations of early Islamic cities from diverse backgrounds.


Timetable for submission of articles: 

December 30, 2016: Please submit a short CV and a 500-word abstract summarizing the article you wish to submit as an attachment to and with “JEMCS Special Issue Abstract Submission” in the subject line.

— June 1, 2017: Selected authors will submit the full-length article in conformity with JEMCS guidelines. Authors will then be notified of required revisions.

December 1, 2017: Final revisions due.

January 1, 2018: Acceptance of revised articles for inclusion announced.



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